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Paddy Stapleton, Executive Coach and Facilitator, Executive Coach, Retirement Planning, Coaching Supervision, Interview Preparation.
Paddy Stapleton

Paddy Stapleton, Highly Experienced Executive Coach and Facilitator


Paddy Stapleton has a wide range of leadership and executive coaching experience gained in many different positions over a 40 year career in the ESB at home and abroad.

He now coaches externally with organisations such as National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA); University College Dublin (UCD); National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG); Engineers Ireland; Pearse Trust; Plan Ireland; Bank of Ireland (BOI); Standard Life up to and including Chief Executive level. His executive coach and facilitator services include executive coaching, career planning, interview preparation, team coaching and retirement planning.

Paddy Stapleton specialises in:-

Retirement Coaching

Retirement is an unavoidable event in a workers life.  Preparation plays a significant role in helping people transition from a traditional working life to a happy and fulfilled retirement.

In general there are three key areas to be addressed in preparation for retirement... Read more about Retirement Coaching.

Executive Coaching

People can always get even better at what they do.  Executive coaching is an investment to help people realise more of their potential and achieve personal and organisational goals. Key components involves... Read more on Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Better collective leadership from the top team can be a key source of competitive advantage for an organisation.

In addition to assisting... Read more on Team Coaching


Supervision is a safe place for a coach to reflect on his/her work with a qualified supervisor who is also an experienced coach.

Supervision is focused on promoting your learning and...  Read more on Supervision

Career Coaching

The need for career coaching is now a continuous feature throughout one’s career.

This is primarily driven by the rapid pace of change that is occurring in organisations and in people’s expectations.  Read more about Career Coaching

Interview Preparation

Good interview skills supported by a smart CV are a key requirement for ensuring regular and fulfilling employment.

It is important that the potential... Read more about Interview Preparation

Executive Leadership

The key issue for future leaders is to become more inspirational and creative in unlocking the enormous human potential... Read more on Executive Leadership

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