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Paddy Stapleton

Retirement Preparation Coaching

Retirement is an unavoidable event in a workers life.  Preparation plays a significant role in helping people transition from a traditional working life to a happy and fulfilled retirement.

In general there are 3 key areas to be addressed in preparation for retirement…..MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Many people now retire at 60 or earlier so with a fair wind they can look at retirement as the start of another career. This will help build purpose into a person’s daily life. Maintaining self esteem by feeling relevant is a key factor.

Also many people like to give something back to society by doing voluntary work when they retire; this can prove to be very fulfilling.

Health is obviously something that should be managed on a proactive basis as much as possible. There are many inexpensive and socially engaging ways to keep fit and active.

Other areas that have meaning for people are renewing contact with relatives/friends and travel.

To successfully transition from working to retirement life.

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